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Breast Augmentation: Implants vs. Fat Grafting

Posted on February 2, 2019 in

Want to enhance your breasts but are unsure if implants or fat grafting is best? This blog will help clarify some of the major differences between the two. We should start by saying that no option is better than the other. It’s all about which option is best for your personal needs and the desired result you're seeking.

In order to determine which procedure will give you the results you want, it is important to consider facts about both options. Here are some important points about fat grafting and implants…

Fat Grafting

  • Fat grafting uses your own body fat. It's essentially transferring fat from an unwanted area of your body to an area needing more volume (in this case the breasts). This means your breasts will look and feel more natural.
  • There are minimal scars with fat transfer and of course no risk of rupture or other common risk factors associated with implants.
  • Since fat grafting uses your own body fat you are sometimes limited on sizing depending on the amount of fat you have avaliable to transfer. 


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Breast Implants

  • Breast implants are more reliable when predicting a size unlike fat transfer. This is a good option for those who have little to no body fat or just want large breasts.
  • In comparison to fat grafting, implants do not require any other procedure to be performed.
  • Implants can be easily removed.


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Whichever option you are considering, it is best to consult with a board ceritifed plastic surgeon. They are the best source of information and can advise you on both options.

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